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Hello and welcome to A place to show my work and what I am all about. Check out some of my work in the reel to the right, view a recent project, or click a topic!



DICE Awards Full Production

Noodlehaus is the production team behind the DICE Game awards. This year for the 2022 show, I was a part of the motion design team! We did full production including titles, lower 3rds, transitions, and live stream design. 

Below is the live stream of the full show, it was awesome to see work displayed in real time! 
Spudboi Marketing Campaign. 

This was a marketing campaign for Spudboi potato salad based in Mendocino, CA. Complete brand design including logo and product photography. Check them out on Instagram using the button below!
Fortnite Chapter 3 Influencer Reaction 

This was a project I worked on with Noodlehaus for the Fortnite Chapter 3 release. We featured some major creators and their reactions to the new chapter!
Rocket League - Fast & Furious collaboration

This was a project I worked on with Noodlehaus. I handled much of the text for this end screen which included localizing 8 different languages.
Check out the full video here! 


Rocket League -
Season 6 Cinematic Trailer
Rocket League - NFL Collaboration
Rocket League - James Bond Collaboration


This is an animated intro for a YouTube channel titled Big Head Pat Reviews. I designed all backgrounds, characters, animation, and motion graphics. Music by the great Vega-Genesis. 
This is an explainer video for Disc Golf. In this video I use motion graphics to explain stability, and its effect on the flight path.
Progress video on on the Vega-Genesis project "Extra Life". Check out the project breakdown using the button below. 
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